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Pace Glass Rooms

Adding a glass room to your house it is a great investment and it will give you extra living space that you can enjoy every day all year round. All our glass rooms are custom made to meet your needs , style and budget. Each room, each cover is designed specific for your house.

Our glass enclosure, in fact all our enclosure are built with components designed by engineers, and approved by Florida Building Codes.

  • The room can have glass, acrylic or vinyl windows, which can be clear or tinted.
  • The roof of the room is made of , two textures sheets of aluminum that sandwich a hard foam insulation. The roof is usually 3 inches thick, but it can go up to 6 inches, and the panels can have a fan beam for installing ceiling fans and lights.
  • The structure of the room is made of extruded aluminum of which thicknesses and gauges will be determined by local Building Codes .
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